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Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Workshop

Our cultural awareness workshop provides fundamental and practical knowledge about foreign cultures.

It is our experience that this knowledge greatly diminishes the potential for conflict while also enhancing cultural sensitivity to the people that participants will be interacting with. It also helps form a bond of mutual understanding of each other's values and beliefs.

Our workshop provides a strong foundation in specific foreign cultures and includes information on:

  • Fundamental values of the people of the country/region
  • Etiquette
  • Language and colloquialisms
  • Gender interaction
  • Mannerisms
  • Styles of communication - and differences in communication between the two cultures
  • General differences in practices and attitude between the two cultures
  • Religion

To avoid misunderstanding and conflict, these workshops attempt to clarify any misconceptions which may exist about a particular culture and go a long way to providing the participant with an appreciation and understanding of that culture and its system of values.

Cultural Awareness Program (CAP)

In conjunction with, and as a precursor to our Cultural Awareness Workshop, we have developed an online Cultural Awareness Program. This program will give your organisation the reassurance that ALL participants will have on-line access to valuable and insightful information on a particular culture before the workshop.

The CAP includes information on:

  • culture and etiquette
  • interacting with a culture on both a professional and personal level
  • basic expressions, greetings and phrases

Cultural Awareness Program

The workshop combined with the CAP program provides a holistic approach to cultural awareness and is conducted/formulated by trainers who are natives of specific cultures and/or who have extensive and relevant experience in a particular area of the world.

Contact Us

Please telephone 61 2 6207 4085 or email citsol.languages@cit.act.edu.au to discuss your options to undertake this course as an individual, or have this training customised for your organisation.